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The Power, Magic and Mystery of Videos

The Power, Magic and Mystery of Videos

What Is the Magic, Power and Mystery of Videos?

There’s a certain connection that occurs when people can see and listen to content on the Web. Visual and auditory stimulation incites us, excites us, entertains and beguiles us. We love to see, listen, even touch things around us.

Videos fulfill all three of these imperatives. Touch, you say? Yes… videos touch us emotionally and viscerally when we see other humans on a screen speak to us directly, albeit through a camera lens. Pictures offer visual stimulation and interest, but lack the auditory and dynamic characteristics of video.

We love movement and activity. And, when we visit a website and all the content is static and stationary, we are apt to lose interest very quickly. But, if we can click to view a video, we become enamoured.

Of course, the better the content, the more well and openly presented, the more we feel “touched,” even invigorated.

SUCH is the power of video.

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In today’s ever-changing business landscape, what is the newest, latest, greatest promotion innovation tool for small businesses?

Plain and simple… video presentations.

Many of today’s customers and clients are hip, smart and tech-savvy. Their time is valuable. What they PREFER are videos that are:

1.  Informative
2.  Visually Stimulating
3.  Easy To Listen To
4.  Entertaining

And of course, video encompasses all of these things. Videos offer something they can watch, but even more importantly, listen to. No necessity to sit and read, but rather relax in front of the screen, even work on other things while they listen. This makes your average customer and client MUCH MORE LIKELY to tune into your message.

Videos can be embedded directly into your website,giving you access to one of the best, most POWERFUL information and promotion tools available.


There’s the RIGHT video to use for business promotion and marketing, and the WRONG video to use.

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