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Establishing Authority With Videos

Establishing Authority With Videos

Establishing authority with videos is extremely valuable for successful video sales and promotion.

The following video offers helpful hints and tips on what steps to take to establish yourself as an expert and what your videos should include; namely genuine value in the form of important information including solutions, benefits and facts.

Once establishing your expertise, you can market your products and services more effectively with the growing power of online videos.

How to Establish Authority like Frank Kern in… by TheWebVideoCo

Most Important
» provide reliable facts and valuable information
» provide solutions rather than just products

Information You Can Provide
» How To Save Money – How to save money within your sphere of expertise
» How To Perform a Task More Easily
» How To Use Your Product
» How To Learn a New Skill

Also Important
» Provide genuine solutions
» Provide genuine answers
» Be helpful
» Establishing yourself as an expert
» Inviting comments
» Invite people to “stumble” and share
» Use Sharing feature on your profiles
» Create 2 versions of your video – HD and Lower Res
» Include a trailer before or after the video

» Include the following:
– Who You are
– Where you are from
– Your expertise
– How to reach you
– Give reason to treat you
– Have a solid theme
– Company logo
– Always link to your site
– Have a power title – phrases
– Find out what people are seeking

Thanks to James of Web Company Co.

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