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Services For Online Video TV

If you are a small or medium sized business and are ready to harnass the power of Internet video and TV to help market and promote your products or services, we provide the following packages. Pricing will vary according to services required.

We offer a guarantee of performance. We also offer promotions for small businesses that meet special criteria.


Free Video/TV Production Consultation

Speak with a professional and see how the Internet can help increase your customer base and bring more business. Speak with one of our professionals to see what it will take to get you up and running.

Video/TV Creation and Production
We can help you produce your local video productions at unheard-of-pricing. See if and how you can use online video TV productions whether you are a one-person, small or medium sized business.

Video/TV Website Setup and Hosting with Ongoing Monthly Promotion
Along with video, a special Video Website is included. It can be added to your own website, or used as a company website. Your new website will be designed, set up and uploaded for you. We can do regular updates for you or you can add them yourself. Our auto-updates are very cost effective.

Video/TV and Textual Search Engine Optimisation
It’s always a VERY good thing to have some nice search engine optimization features built right into the fundamental format of your website. Your new website will come with several of the most complete search engine tools available today. Note: Video promotion is one of the most powerful new technologies for business.

Video and Regular Keywords In Your Code
Videos require special keyword placement and technology. We will place your top keywords in the most strategic locations within the unseen code portion of your website. These vital keywords will work in the background to help the search engines find you, and, ultimately, send you more visitors. Ask us about our super Keyword Research Analysis.

Content Management System For TV
Your video/TV website will include the world’s most popular content management system. This means that you will be able to easily login to your very own Backoffice Administration Panel and change your content easily and quickly without any need for messing around with any code. This panel comes with an impressive array of features.

Social Media Integration
Whether we love it or not, social media is here to stay. At least, for a long, long time. The good news is that social media integration can be a very good thing for you. We can integrate the all important most vital social platforms right into your website. Visitors will be able to easily share your site with their friends and associates using the top, most important social networks available today. Sharing is a wonderful and highly valuable adjunct to a good business TV/Video plan.

Video Free Hosting
There’s more to Web hosting that meets the eye. There are lots of updates that need to be installed on a regular basis. With your low cost monthly subscription, we will provide free Web hosting with a regular subscription for you and take care of all of the little chores and details so you can do the things you love to do rather than mess with any Web hosting problems.

Website Backup
It’s always a great idea to keep your website backed up. We go ahead and take care of that chore for you and perform weekly backups just in case an emergency should ever arise. This includes backing up all your all important database files. As a subscriber, you will always have access to our original files whenever you like.

Email Addresses (optional)
If you’re using your own domain name, We can also set you up with up to 10 free email addresses (e.g.***

Free Video/TV Domain (optional)
You will receive a free domain name that will look like the following: or something similar. If you have your own domain name (e.g. that you want to use, that’s not a problem. If you need to buy a domain name, We recommend, where you can get a domain name for less. We like them enough to affiliate with them.

Visitor Statistics (optional)
If you want to know how many people are visiting your site, as well as a whole load of other useful information about your visitors, We can add Google Analytics to your website.

Use Your Own Logo
You can use your own logo on your video website. All you have to do is email us a picture of it, and we will put it in the best, most strategic location. If you do not have a logo, we can create a customized one for you at a very reasonable cost.

One of the nicest methods to keep a site alive and fresh is to allow commenting. Your new website will have commenting available for you to moderate whenever you like. You will be able to enable or disable this feature whenever you like.


An Online Video/TV Website That Serves As a 24/7 BROCHURE
Your website will be your online "front door." The more professional your site appears, the more trust you will engender in your clients and customers. Online integrity is KEY. Let your website show it!
5 (Or More, Depending On Your Plan) Informational Website Pages
About Page
Contact, Map and Location Page
Description or Products Page
Legal and / or Disclaimer Page (You can customize for the laws in your location.)
And much more.
Change Your Pages To What You Want
You can customize the content on your pages.
Social Networking Plugin
Social Networking is ESSENTIAL. We use the best plugins.

SPAM Plugin Or Module
Spam is NO fun. Your website will come with some of the best ever spam protection for your visitor comments. A must have!
Professional Template That Gets the Eyeballs
Visitors have very special preferences. After lots of study, the super experts have designed the very best types of templates that REALLY please visitors. We use the very best templates.
Backup Plugin or Module
Back up your articles and pictures whenever you like! We backup your database regularly, for you.
Search Engine Plugin Module
We include one of the very best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) modules. The search engines LOVE this!
Personal Forwarded Email Address
One of the most convenient things to do is have all your site emails forward to your one, favorite account. Saves SO much time and work!
Discount Coupon On Deluxe Web Hosting
Only $7.97 monthly. Includes MANY extras. The lowest prices for the best service!
The Valuable ESSENTIALS Pack
Includes Optimized Meta Keywords and Other Critical Features
Discounts for Pre-Written Articles
Almost nothing is better than having new, fresh content on your website. Don’t want to write articles yourself? We can provide well written custom articles for low prices.


*Website Setup
We set up your website completely within 72 business hours. You do nothing, except relax and wait for us to get it all up and running.

*Website Hosting
Every website needs to be hosted somewhere. We provide Super Deluxe hosting that is included with every subscription plan.

*Multi Hosting
You can host your website at more than one location for a slight extra charge. That means you will have "redundant" hosting. This provides even faster access for your visitors.

*Super Pro Templates
Some websites just seem to have a more expensive, professional look. This is accomplished with a more intricately programmed design elements and more sophisticated artistry. In the end, visitors find Super Pro Templates trustworthy and "solid." Super Pro Templates are more difficult and time consuming to create. But, for many businesses, the extra expense is worth it.

*Multi Global Hosting
Not only can you have your website hosted at more than one locaton, but you can also have your website hosted outside of the U.S. in other countries for a small additional charge. You can add additional domain names.

*5 Pages
Your website will come with 5 vital pages, all ready to go. You can choose which pages you prefer. This is a great starter site that will please your visitors.

*10 Page Upgrade
Add 10 more helpful, useful, informative or selling Web pages to your site. This package comes with the Deluxe and Premier Plans.

*Unlimited Pages
With the Premier website, you can add as many pages as you like, even 100s. Of course, this may keep you a little busy, but, the more pages, the more the search engines will like you. Visitors will appreciate the content. This also includes as many products as you would like to sell.

*Auto Backups
Your website will be automatically backed up every Sunday. How nice is that? You will also be able to backup your content whenever you like.

*Software Updates
Websites can often need security and database software updates. We take care of that for you.

*Full Support By Email
If you have questions or need help, email or contact us. We respond within 24 business hours. We provide email support for Standard accounts during setup, and continuing email support for Deluxe and Premier sites. When you have an emergency update, just put "Important" or "Emergency" in your subject line. We will put you at the top of our "ToDo" list.

*Email List Capture
Standard and Deluxe sites can add this later for an extra charge. Premier sites include a fancy version of this feature along with a free Mailchimp account all set up for you. Growing a list by friendly email capturing is very helpful for the success of most business websites. What’s better than acquiring a list of interested cutomers and clients?

*Keyword Optimization
Keywords are vitally important for search engines. We start everyone off with a good set. For Premier Sites, we go all out and do a comprehensive and extensive research survey that greatly enhances search engine visibility. We send you the results to use in all your articles and posts. We continue to keep Premier keywords optimized on an ongoing basic. Very helpful.

*Theme Updating
Sometimes, coding in the theme of a website needs to be updated for security and performance isues. We will do that for you.

*Content Posting
Perhaps the MOST IMPORTANT things to do for a website is to KEEP THE CONTENT FRESH NEW. Search engines love this. Visitors love this. Just email us your articles, pictures, new content. We will put it up on your website for you so you don’t have concern yourself with the details.

Need content? For an incredibly low fee, we can provide excellent, high quality, relevant content for your webite. Just inquire.

*Search Engine Updates
We carefully tend to all the most important search engine optimization chores to ensure your website continues to be found in the search engines. We fuss and fidget about like loving little Mother Hens.

*Monthly Subcription
Our subscriptions fees are extremely reasonable. We have many extras, both free and add-on. There are many little time-consuming things that can go on behind the scenes when managing a good website. We do these things for you.

*Annual Savings
Pay by the year and receive 2 months for free. It’s always nice to save a little money.

Wordpress is a content management system that can be installed into your own Web hosting account. This means that you can manage your website through an Administrative "Back Office" Panel and will not have to do any programming when you make changes to your website. It also means that you own all your own content since WordPress is installed in your very own hosting account. We specialize in WordPress for regular websites. Why? Because WordPress is extremely versatile, powerful, easy for you to use, full of free, useful extras.

Joomla is a content management system that can be installed into your own Web hosting account. This means that you can manage your website through an Administrative "Back Office" Panel and will not have to do any programming when you make changes to your website. It also means that you own all your own content since Joomla is installed in your very own hosting account. We specialize in Joomla for sophisticated websites that require complex programming, very specific features and customizations. Generally, however, most individuals and businesses find that WordPress is quite suitable for their needs.

Every website is 100% guaranteed. If you are not fully satisfied with your website and video services within 30 days, you will receive 100% refund. It is our desire to please you, and to do the best job we possibly can on your behalf.


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