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“I loved it! My sales just keep increasing with every blog post and video I put on my website!
Thanks!” ~ Bob Sankey, Coastal Appliances

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Business at the speed of VIDEO…

In today’s ever-changing business landscape, what is the newest, latest, greatest promotion innovation tool for small businesses? This may surprise you. Perhaps you were thinking, social networking, search engine registration, email campaigning. Think again…

Times do change at lightning speed. What was powerful and effective in the near-past, now becomes passé. But some things are enduring, and even grow in influence. One of these things is, plain and simple, video presentations on a well-designed website.

There are a number of reasons for this. Consider the following…

Many of today’s customers and clients are hip, smart and tech-savvy. Their time is valuable. What they PREFER are videos that are:

1. Engaging
2. Informative
3. Easy To Listen To
4. Companionable
5. Comfortable
6. Entertaining
7. Visually Stimulating

They can watch and listen, or just listen. They do not have to read or scroll. Watching videos is effortless. The average customer will likely be unable to resist watching at least one video. If the first video is pleasing, they will continue to watch further videos.

Customers who watch videos are much more likely to purchase products or services from people whom they can see. Pictures are helpful, but videos much more so.

Additionally, videos of product or service demonstrations are highly useful, and are sought after by prospective buyers.

Rather than familiarity breeding contempt, with videos, familiarity breeds celebrity and respect.


Videos can be embedded directly into a website, providing one of the best, most POWERFUL information and promotion tools available today. Many businesses have not caught on to this latest method of business communication.



There’s the RIGHT video to use for business promotion and marketing, and the WRONG way to use video. A knowledgeable and professional videographer can be of huge benefit. Investment need not be large. Rather, today’s viewer is looking for a more “homespun,” authentic, warm and genuine approach. It takes a special video-expert to understand the Web’s navigation, key word usage, and humanistic approach, all in one.

Our videographer, a Youtube “sensation” and a highly respected video presenter, has accumulated a vast store of knowledge. He has appeared on CNN, Fox News, amongst other prominent news organizations. He has helped propel companies to the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing for extremely competitive keywords. Contact us for more information.

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